Hamach Central Vacuum Cyclone HCV 23015HQ

The new Central Vacuum Cyclone from Hamach offers an innovative solution for your central dust extraction requirements. It assures high performance and high flexibility making your job not only very efficient but also much easier to execute than ever before. In order words: the Central Vacuum Cyclone from Hamach provides you with the right tools for any dust extraction job to be done, varying from vacuuming dry sanding dust to small slivers of glass.

The available choices
Depending on your specific requirements, the new Central Vacuum Cyclone from Hamach is available in two variants: HCV 23015 HQ and HCV 38020 HQ.
The total concept, HCV 23015 HQ with Swing Arm and Energy Box, is available under art.no 000574. Following products are separately available for the HCV 38020 HQ: the Swing Arm (art.no. 000556) and the Energy Box (art.no 000548).

The main advantages summarized:
• Very compact dimensions.
• Powerful and quite engine.
• Easy do-it-yourself instalment.
• High flexibility and versatility.
• One powerful concept with Hamach Swing Arm and Energy Box.

Technical Information:

Hamach Central Vacuum Cyclone 230 Volt
Voltage (V):   230 Volt
Power consumption: 1,5 KW